Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Work Harder

Kitchen Renovation
  • By titan
  • 24 December 2018

There is no need to sacrifice style or function just because you don’t have room in your kitchen for a double-bowl sink or six-burner stove. You can make a big difference by using innovative storage options and chic small-scale appliances, to name a few. Follow our tips to utilize every inch of your small kitchen.

Wall-mounted storage

If you have a blank wall that is really small don’t just hang up an artwork or calendar. From floor to ceiling you can mount rows of racks on the wall and utilize the space to the maximum. Install a magnetic knife rack, to hang kitchen towels use S-hooks and over a bar drape towels.

For pans and pots also the same idea works equally well. Use all of the space you have and don’t stop at one row! To hide scuff marks and make the arrangement feel more intentional you can paint the storage wall black. It would be nice to use chalk paint as well.

All-in-one island

Try opening up the room instead of placing everything in a row, and in a condensed island put all of the necessities. The custom island can have a stove, a sink, prep space, a range, knives, garbage bins, spices and storage for pots and pans.

Pullout pantry

You can make room for pantry even in small kitchens. Select the tightest spaces and tuck in a slim pullout.

Cabinets to the ceiling

In small kitchens, you can create more space by taking the cabinets all the way up. It is worth having the storage option even if what’s in the top cupboards are not easily accessible. To visually expand the space having ceiling-height cabinets also helps.

Remove clutter

Keep only essential items and get rid of the rest. Keep only your favorite set of glasses, the best knives, the most frequently used kitchen tools, the most adorable teakettle, to name a few. Purge the clutter without a second thought. And while selecting items for display, choose those made with acrylic or clear glass. To make a room look spacious transparent items will help.

Use open storage

If you love cool jars and containers create more open storage. To add some fun and color to the kitchen they’re an awesome way. Keep coffee, grains, flour and pasta organized so that it will be easy to find them, and the display will be great to look at.  

Choose multifunctional items

For instance, use Mason jars which can be used for storing food as well as for drinking purpose. This way you can get rid of other containers that serve similar purpose.

Stick with a white palette

In a small space it is better to use white as it will open up a room and will give it a fresh and clean look. The problem with darker shades is that they won’t reflect colour. So use lighter countertops, floors, and walls.

To your white kitchen you can add some depth or dimension. For a lacquer-like finish apply a high-gloss or glaze.

Float the shelves

Think beyond standard wooden cabinets if you’re considering revamping your small kitchen. Instead, to make the area above the countertops look less colossal opt for floating shelves with minimum brackets. The most streamlined are floating shelves. And, of course, you can use more open shelving, as discussed above. To make your tiny kitchen feel more spacious organize your items carefully.

Choose an open island

Just because the kitchen is small doesn’t mean that you should avoid an open island. But make sure that it is not chunky and boxy. Instead of a cabinet that’s closed on all sides opt for one with exposed legs and that are open at the bottom.

Keep the counters clutter-free

Small spaces will look more cramped if there is clutter. Make the counters as empty as possible to make your small kitchen feel larger.

You can, of course, keep items that you use frequently like stuffed utensil jar and toaster, but in a small kitchen stashing them off the countertop is a must. You can use wall hooks and hang a lot of items if you’re short on cabinet space.

Mount a wall rack

You can hang pots and pans in a small kitchen but what the key here is its placement. You can hang them on the wall instead of the ceiling.