Special order

clohessycabinets kitchen

Looking for a unique feature to highlight your new kitchen?

Clohessy Cabinets can include special order bench tops in your design, such as:

  • Solid timber

Looks great in a rustic country kitchen and for those who love the natural look of timber (and what an amazing selection we have in Australia!) Although soft and porous, timber benches can be sanded back.

  • Ceramic surface

A low porous material that makes it ideal for use in food preparation area. This hard material is fairly scratch resistant, but brittle.

  • Stainless steel

Not just for commercial kitchens, this is a durable surface which has the advantages of being heat and stain resistant. An extremely hygienic bench top that creates a modern and minimalistic look.

  • Acrylic

With acrylic bench tops there is a lot of design flexibility and extra features you can add, such as a waterfall design where the bench top end is followed down to the floor, or continue up the wall to create a seamless splash-back. The material is durable and non-porous, so spillages and odours are not readily absorbed.


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