2-pac Painted Doors (Polyurethane)

Clohessy kitchens

2-pac (often spelled 2 pack or 2-pac) is a durable finish originally used as an automotive paint. It consists of both a resin (composed of acrylic paint and melamine) and a hardener, Poly-isocyanate Resin. When mixed together, the result is a thicker, harder finish different to that of solvent based paint, producing a glossy, polished finish.

One advantage of 2-pac painted doors is that the paint will not peel off and is a fairly scratch resistant surface. Note that scratches and chips will be more noticeable on a high gloss surface and satin or semi-gloss is another option. However, painted doors can simply be filled and resprayed (much like a car) and therefore easier to repair than a melamine door.

Painted doors can be a more expensive option initially, but are hard wearing and a standout feature in designer kitchens. The appeal of 2-pac over laminate is that it can be specified in any colour or finish from matte to high gloss

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