Top 5 Tips to make your Laundry pop

laundry art work
  • By clohessycabinets
  • 25 July 2017

The laundry room is often overlooked as just a space for your washing to be done. But if designed correctly it can be used as a whole new utility room, a place to sort all the clothes and if it’s pretty enough you may even want to spend more time there.

Having an inviting and functional laundry space will help you make use of your space and may also help you stay on top of your washing, folding and ironing.

So how do we make this place look amazing you ask?

  1. Conceal EVERYTHING! Using effective storage solutions and large doors like we have here at Clohessy Cabinets you can get pretty good at hiding away your household equipment such as steamer, washing machine, dryer and iron.

laundry room cabinets

2. Location, Location, Location – having a busy home with kids & pets you must be mindful of the location of your laundry. Your laundry should ideally be near the kitchen and through the garage. Maybe even try to find a spot where you can have a lot of natural light entering the space.

laundry windows

3. Long bench tops – Similar to the kitchen, the laundry area needs to be a functional space where you can get house hold chores done. Plan to have a long bench top where you can tuck in the washing machine and or dryer underneath it.

long laundry benchtops

4. Hang some art work – get creative with the art work such as the one below.

laundry art work

5. Style your laundry items – styling your laundry liquid, pegs, soaps & towels can go a long way in making you want to spend time in your laundry.

laundry styling

Have fun with it! Every room in your home should make you want to spend more time there.