Tips on choosing your Kitchen Cabinets!

  • By clohessycabinets
  • 18 September 2017

Well, here we are finally decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to your dream kitchen or better yet, you are building your new home with your dream kitchen. This is important stuff, after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Before you start the planning process with your trades it is important to go in with a good idea of the materials available and style you are looking for. Making sure what you have in mind fits into your overall budget. This guide will help you decide where to spend your money based on the style you have in mind.

Melamine cabinets

If you are watching your budget, but still want a high quality finish, melamine cabinets are a good place to start. Melamine in this day and era has come a long way since when it was first introduced to the Australian kitchens in the 1970’s, gone are the days of peeling edges and bubbling. Using high pressure melamine banding that is resistant of abrasion we can increase the longevity of melamine kitchen cabinets by decades.

Melamine Cabinet Maker Perth2-Pack Enamel Surface

A 2-Pack finish is a baked enamel surface which can be up to 20% more expensive than laminate is a funky alternative.

One of the key differentiating factors of 2-pac is that it can be specified in any colour or finish from matt to high gloss. If you are an attention to detail person, you will also notice that there are no joints as the edges seamlessly wrap around the cabinet doors.

The downside of 2-pac is that if you have kids or are rough in handling your kitchen cabinets, it is more prone to chipping. The chipping can be fixed by a simple repaint, but it is something to keep in mind.

Enamel kitchen cabinets perth


Veneers is a thin slice of wood which is applied to wooden boards and sealed with clear 2-pack. Veneer usually starts at the same price as 2-pack then increases incrementally depending on the chosen wood. Veneer is a great way to bring an organic mid-century feel to the home in an eco-sustainable way.

Cons of veneer is the cost, but on the positive it does last a long time adding a great texture to your kitchen cabinets.